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Orchard for Originators

Orchard offers originators an integrated platform that empowers them to more efficiently and intelligently participate in marketplace lending.

Investor Awareness

Originator Detail Profile in Market Data

Originators integrated with Orchard receive featured placement in Orchard’s widely used Market Data product as well as a standalone detailed profile which includes a platform summary, detailed loan performance data, credit profiles, research and diligence documents.

Market Insights

Monthly Industry Report

This monthly report provides a data-rich glimpse into each major segment of marketplace lending. Orchard standardizes, consolidates, and analyzes large amounts of data giving originators and investors the ability to observe important trends, benchmarks, and other key statistics within their asset class.


The Orchard U.S. Consumer Marketplace Lending Index seeks to measure the overall performance of U.S. consumer marketplace loans and provide originators a useful and widely accepted benchmark to evaluate the performance of these loans against an aggregate data set.


Data Management

Portfolio Dashboard

With a single data integration, Orchard can provide originators and the investors buying loans on their platform with a web-based dashboard to monitor and analyze marketplace lending portfolios in real-time. The graphically rich display helps to visualize performance, spot trends, and track portfolio status.

Investor Daily Platform Holdings Report

Originators can automate daily Excel-based reporting to investors buying loans on their platform using Orchard’s data processing technology. Orchard’s standard reporting features a high level portfolio overview as well as daily and monthly statistics broken out by a wide range of characteristics. Third party and service provider formatted reporting can also be provided.

Data Partner Program

The Orchard Data Partner Program offers qualified originators the opportunity to seamlessly and securely integrate their data with Orchard and streamline the process of data delivery to investors, prospects, or counterparties. The Data Partner Program gives originators access to all of Orchard’s Investor Awareness and Market Insights products. Other features include:

Data Integration & Standardization

Orchard utilizes a product-focused approach to data standardization to accept data in a variety of formats, including API and CSV. After a review of data transmission capabilities, Orchard will develop and execute a roadmap for the integration and mapping of the data into Orchard’s system.

Data Sharing Best Practices & Permissions

Multi-level permissions enable originators to precisely control data sharing at the investor level. Originator data is never shared on an individual basis with other originators.

Data Security

Orchard’s dedicated security operations team designs, implements and provides oversight of information security policies and procedures.

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