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Orchard for Originators

Strengthen and scale your lending business. Diversify institutional capital sources, increase data quality, access proprietary benchmarks, and streamline reporting.

  • Data Services

    Increase data quality through data integration and review by Orchard. Identify and proactively address any data anomalies or inconsistencies to surface operational risk.

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  • Analytics

    Gain new insights into your loan book and funding channels using advanced analytics to improve decision making. Benchmark performance, monitor risk, and quickly analyze any data set under multiple scenarios.

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  • Capital Management & Reporting

    Monitor composition, performance, and utilization across capital sources and automate corresponding report generation and distribution using a single integrated platform.

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Data Services

  • Quality ReviewImprove data quality through a data integration with Orchard. We review data quality with over 250 discrete checks on each data file to ensure consistency.

  • Data StandardizationEnable comparative benchmarking and enrich data for investor use. We have developed guidelines, automated processes, and a highly sophisticated, purpose-built technical infrastructure to standardize data in-house.

  • Data DeliveryAutomate the preparation and delivery of raw and standardized loan detail and payment files for investor distribution.


  • BenchmarkingBenchmark origination and performance data, including roll rates, prepayments, recoveries and delinquencies, against an aggregated and anonymized peer group to gain new insights to assist with underwriting, marketing, and raising new capital.

  • Scenario TestingRun scenario testing, including stress testing and pricing analysis, on any existing or simulated pools using the Cash Flow Simulator.

  • Custom QueryPerform custom loan level and summary queries using Report Builder to build data sets for analysis, monitoring, reporting, or distribution.


Capital Management & Reporting

  • Portfolio MonitoringMonitor and analyze the composition, trends, performance, and distribution of your loan book or subpools on a single platform with a universal view of investor portfolios, credit facilities, and products.

  • Automated ReportingReduce costs, lower operational hurdles, and support more capital sources with automated report generation and delivery to investors, credit providers, and third parties.

  • AffirmationsSupplant inefficient and risk-prone manual processes for creating, sharing, and affirming loan pool data with forward flow buyers using our pool building and affirmation workflow tools.

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