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Orchard forInvestors

Deploy capital intelligently and efficiently. Discover new investment opportunities, access clean data, enable smarter risk management, and streamline portfolio reporting.

  • Market Data

    Access high-quality market, platform, and loan-level origination and performance data. Orchard streamlines the process of aggregating, cleaning, and structuring data directly from originators to power our platform and deliver actionable intelligence.

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  • Analytics

    Improve decision making, gain new portfolio or market insights, and identify opportunities using powerful data analytics. Structure data, benchmark performance, and quickly analyze any data set under multiple scenarios.

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  • Portfolio Management & Reporting

    Manage your entire investment or lending portfolio from end-to-end on a single integrated platform. Streamline market access, deploy capital, monitor exposure, and automate all reporting with efficiency and scale.

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Market Data

  • Standardized DataPrice loans, project performance, and evaluate originators with greater confidence using Orchard-standardized payment data and loan details. Reduce inefficiencies, risks, and costs that can arise from reconciling inconsistent and low-quality data.

  • Raw DataParse raw loan-level as-reported originator data. Orchard’s data repository currently stores over 50 terabytes of data in its unaltered native format allowing for the most granular analysis possible.

  • Consolidated FeedMonitor and compare origination volume, performance metrics, and distribution trends across originators with interactive data visualizations and exploration tools.

  • ResearchAnticipate and respond to changing market conditions with access to proprietary research. Orchard data science provides quantifiable insight into emerging trends in origination and performance data.

  • IndexAccess a useful and consistent benchmark to evaluate the relative performance of your portfolio, originators, or the asset class with the U.S. Consumer Online Lending Index.


  • Scenario TestingRun scenario testing, including stress testing and pricing analysis, on any existing or simulated pools to support risk management and uncover investment opportunities.

  • Data VisualizationsQuickly evaluate origination and performance trends with multidimensional and interactive analytic modules. Select custom parameters to drill down on portfolio, originator or market segments and unlock insights.

  • BenchmarkingCompare performance of originators, portfolios, or any subpool to the relevant asset class metric using proprietary Orchard benchmarks, powered by high-quality standardized data.

Portfolio Management & Reporting

  • Portfolio DashboardMonitor performance across accounts with customizable dashboards and automated portfolio reporting. Analyze existing portfolio and monitor ongoing risk using advanced portfolio analytics, custom query, and decision-support tools.

  • Order ManagementConstruct or scale your portfolio leveraging Orchard technology. Our automated Order Management System instantly scans new loan listings, rapidly evaluates them against a given credit model, and facilitates orders for the eligible assets.

  • AffirmationsManage forward flow agreements efficiently and securely using affirmation workflow software to view, analyze, and affirm loan purchases.

  • ReportingReduce costs and lower administrative burden with automated report generation that integrates seamlessly with your Orchard workflow for reliable internal delivery or external distribution..

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