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Orchard For Investors

Orchard provides products and services for institutional investors to understand, execute, and manage marketplace lending investments.

Market Data

Market Overview & Originator Details

Orchard aggregates detailed market data across a wide spectrum of originators, allowing investors to perform detailed analysis of historical and current loan data at both the market and originator level.

Monthly Industry Report

By standardizing, consolidating, and analyzing large amounts of marketplace lending data, Orchard is able to provide a data-rich glimpse into performance and trends within each major asset class in marketplace lending.

Monthly Delinquency Report

View a standardized snapshot of an individual originator’s performance over time and receive key insights about changing originator issuance, borrower credit characteristics, and borrower behavior at the platform level.

Vintage Curve Report

Seamlessly compare trends in vintage performance by a variety of metrics both at the portfolio and originator level.

Portfolio Benchmarking

The Orchard U.S. Consumer Marketplace Lending Index measures the performance of U.S. consumer marketplace loans and provides investors with a useful and widely accepted benchmark to evaluate performance.

Order Management System

Strategy Configuration & Custom Analysis

Orchard’s flexible infrastructure allows investors to define, back-test, and deploy proprietary credit models to select loans that meet their risk and return profile.

Order Placement

Orchard’s automated order placement platform continuously scans for new loan listings, evaluates them against a given credit model, and facilitates orders for the eligible assets.

Reporting & Analytics

Portfolio Dashboard

Investors can monitor and analyze their marketplace lending portfolio in real-time using Orchard’s portfolio dashboard. The graphically rich display helps to visualize performance, identify trends, and track portfolio status. Investors can customize the dashboard view and also download the underlying data.

Daily Platform Holdings Report

Orchard offers investors an automated daily Excel-based report that includes a high level portfolio overview as well as daily and monthly statistics broken out by a wide range of characteristics. Third party and service provider formatted reporting can also be provided.

Daily Portfolio Summary

Orchard summarizes account information for investors across multiple originators into a common format that is easily sharable. This automated daily report provides a graphical representation and summary metrics of overall loan holdings across origination platforms as well as detailed information on holdings at each underlying platform.

Strategy Backtest Analysis

Generate a custom analytical report that provides a comprehensive historical analysis of a given marketplace lending investment strategy against the market.

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