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Making Loan Data Actionable: Transforming, translating, and assuring data quality and consistency across originators

Over the past decade, online lending has grown from a cottage industry of start ups and enthusiasts to an important component of the emerging financial technology (fintech) landscape. It has become an industry worth tens of billions of dollars, with sophisticated institutional asset managers, publicly-traded companies, and the potential to comprise a significant share of global consumer and business lending in the coming years. As the industry focuses on growth and developing a mature, sustainable ecosystem, there are many hurdles still to overcome.

In our latest paper, we address the issue of non-standard data by first explaining what standardization means as it relates to online lending. Next, we describe Orchard’s process and the technology used to create a standardized dataset that promotes analysis, benchmarking, and reporting for investors and originators alike. We then illustrate the difficulties faced when attempting to compare data across different origination platforms by walking through examples of a few specific issues encountered when standardizing loan payment data with Orchard’s data partners. Finally, we discuss some of the benefits and uses of our standardized dataset.

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