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Orchard Manager Database

The Orchard Manager Database is the first and only comprehensive resource for institutional investors to identify and evaluate a wide spectrum of marketplace lending managers.

The Manager Database coupled with following the guidelines in Orchard’s white paper entitled “The Essential Eight Best Practices to Marketplace Lending Investing” provides institutional investors with the necessary tools to easily identify and properly evaluate marketplace lending managers.*


  • Identify marketplace lending investment managers open to new capital
  • Research manager details such as firm description, firm assets, manager biographies, number of funds available, and contact information
  • Research fund characteristics such as fund structure, fund size, fund inception date, fee structure, portfolio leverage, originator counterparties, and sub-asset diversification
  • Provide benchmarking capabilities using the only marketplace lending index available


  • Gain exposure to institutional investors that have interest in allocating capital to  marketplace lending
  • Share important firm details and fund characteristics to prospective investors
  • Display current and historical performance information to prospective investors
  • Highlight firm implementation of the eight essential best practices guidelines to marketplace lending investing to institutional investors

Download “The Essential Eight Best Practices to Marketplace Lending Investing” white paper

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