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Orchard Unveils Global Network Connecting Institutional Buyers and Loan Originators with New Opportunities in Private Credit

Orchard ‘Deals’ Brings Loan Originators and Institutional Investors Together to help Reduce Funding Costs, Increase Deal Flow, and Provide Liquidity

NEW YORK, N.Y.—September 12, 2017—Orchard Platform has rolled out Deals as a part of its new platform launch. With the addition of Deals to their suite of technology solutions for loan originators and institutional investors, Orchard Platform takes the next step in their evolution. Deals is a global network where loan originators searching for new sources of financing, and institutional investors with capital to deploy, can connect, evaluate opportunities, and move forward with multiple types of transactions.

“Orchard’s network of institutional investors and powerful data and analytics platform have helped us advance our mission of providing efficient access to working capital for small businesses,” said Parris Sanz, CEO of CAN Capital. “Orchard helped us find the right institutional partner to fund our future as we move forward with the next phase of our company’s growth and re-engage with small businesses across America.”

Deals is operated by Orchard Platform Markets, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary, SEC-registered broker-dealer, and member of FINRA and SIPC. With Deals, qualified investors gain access to a broad range of new investment opportunities, including pools of seasoned loans, forward flow agreements, and credit facilities—along with all underlying deal data and an enterprise suite of credit analytics solutions to evaluate each prospective transaction. Originators with pools of loans to sell can list deals and seamlessly share data within this global network while working with investors who express interest in a deal to conduct due diligence and analysis and finalize the transaction’s structure and terms.

“Finding and securing the lowest-cost sources of funding for loans is a continuous process, and critical for scaling a lending business,” said Victor J. Pacheco, Co-Founder, Chief Strategic Biz Dev Officer of LendingPoint. “Orchard Platform combines a network of qualified investors with an enterprise suite of credit analytics and data and reporting services, helping us connect with more investors while making it easy to support the relationship at each stage of a transaction.”

Visit to learn more about Deals.

“Whether a transaction involves the sale of a pool of loans, negotiating a credit facility, or arranging and managing forward flow agreements, our platform reduces costs and operational friction for our clients,” said Bill Ullman, Chief Commercial Officer of Orchard Platform and CEO of Orchard Platform Markets, LLC. “In short, Orchard is making it faster and less expensive for both sides of the private credit marketplace to find and evaluate opportunities, and move forward on transactions in what has historically been a challenging market.”  


Orchard Platform’s new features include:

  • Deals: Global network where pre-qualified loan originators and investors can browse a broad listing of investment opportunities and corresponding data, and utilize Orchard’s enterprise technology to seamlessly exchange information, assess potential transactions, and take the next steps more efficiently.
  • Capital Management: Allocation optimization, facility monitoring, and automated borrowing-base reporting offerings to help originators better monitor utilization across multiple capital sources—and manage them with greater precision and insight.
  • News & Insights: The most recent industry news, economic data, and Orchard research and commentary to keep originators and investors up-to-date on the latest industry trends and thinking. Although Deals information is only available to pre-qualified institutional investors, Orchard also provides free access to anonymized, aggregated industry data to parties seeking to learn more about the industry, including journalists, researchers, and investors.  
  • Advanced Analytics: Originators can benchmark origination and performance data against an aggregated and anonymized peer group, and quickly analyze any data set under multiple scenarios, to gain deeper insights into their loan books and funding channels. Investors can also take advantage of scenario testing, data visualization, and benchmarking tools to gain actionable portfolio and market intelligence.
  • High-Quality Data Services: Data integrations with Orchard help originators improve the quality of their data, and streamline the process for client reporting.

Contact us to schedule a demo or free trial of Orchard Platform:

“Loan originators are constantly looking for new, diversified sources of institutional capital, and investors are always trying to find new and interesting investments. Orchard’s Deals brings them together,” said Matt Burton, CEO and Co-Founder of Orchard Platform. “Orchard sits in a unique position within the industry and is able to understand the needs of both investors and lenders. The entire Orchard team is excited by the response we’ve received from our clients on either side of the platform around our latest updates and we’re looking forward to continuing to build the solutions they need.”

About Orchard

Orchard Platform has built a centralized marketplace where loan originators and institutional investors can come together to explore and evaluate opportunities for funding, buying, and selling loans. By providing a global network of institutional buyers and sellers with high-quality data services, advanced analytics and reporting, and robust capital management tools through an innovative, end-to-end platform, Orchard has created a smarter way for participants in the private credit markets to interact, evaluate deals, and move forward with simple and complex transactions more efficiently.

Orchard Platform does not provide legal advice, tax advice, or accounting advice. Before making any investment or executing any transaction, you should consult with your legal, tax, and accounting advisors with respect to the suitability, value, and risk of such investment or transaction. Investment advisory services are provided to clients by Orchard Platform Advisors, LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser headquartered in New York, N.Y.

Orchard produces the Orchard U.S. Consumer Marketplace Lending Index—the only industry-wide direct lending performance benchmark—and has been named one of the Next Billion Dollar Startups by Forbes. The commentary and insights posted on its blog, and the data and research available to everyone on its platform, have cemented Orchard as a thought leader in its industry. For more information, visit

About Orchard Platform Markets, LLC

Orchard Platform Markets, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orchard App Inc., and is an SEC-registered broker-dealer and member of FINRA and SIPC. The mission of Orchard Platform Markets, LLC is to provide a transparent, technologically optimized platform for loan originators and institutional investors to safely and securely connect, evaluate potential deals, and move forward with multiple types of transactions. For more information, visit

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