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Weekly Online Lending Snapshot – November 11, 2016

This year saw the launch of the first online lending-focused, registered closed-end funds (or ’40 Act funds) in the U.S. It is a significant step that further legitimizes the industry to U.S. investors by providing a way to gain exposure to the loans of multiple originators via professionally managed, SEC-registered investment vehicles. RiverNorth Capital Management, LLC, the investment manager that launched the RiverNorth Marketplace Lending Corporation (NASDAQ: RMPLX) in September, recently announced it will host a webinar called ‘Incorporating Marketplace Lending into an Institutional Portfolio’ to help educate institutional investors about online loans and strategies to consider when adding online lending exposure to their portfolio’s investment mix. We would also like to welcome RiverNorth to the Weekly Snapshot. We’ve included RiverNorth Marketplace Lending Corporation (NASDAQ: RMPLX) in a new section covering U.S. listed funds.

In other news, on December 1, Orchard CEO Matt Burton will speak on a panel entitled “Liquidity Outlook: Establishing a Secondary Loan Market” at the IMN Investors Conference on Marketplace Lending in New York. Please feel free to use the following code when registering to receive a discounted pass: ORC10. We hope to see you there.


Weekly Online Lending Snapshot – November 11, 2016

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