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Capital roadmap

New White Paper: Building a Capital Roadmap

Our latest paper is an introduction to funding models and funding strategies. To be competitive and build sustainable lending businesses, organizations—particularly non-bank lenders—need reliable access to diverse, flexible, and low-cost sources of funds. This requires the active management of capital...

Gabriella Kindert

Industry Profile – Gabriella Kindert

Head of Alternative Credit at NN Investment Partners (NN IP) Known for her ability to spot an opportunity, and for her fearlessness when it comes to speaking her mind, we couldn’t wait to learn more about Gabriella Kindert, Head of...


Understanding the Drivers of Loan Performance: Loan Age

Note: throughout this post, we are displaying the quarterly average charge-off rate to reduce noisiness in the monthly data.   Beginning in Q1 2016, we started to see an uptick in charge-off rates in the U.S. Unsecured Consumer Lending sector....

Online Lending Weekly_snapshot

Weekly Online Lending Snapshot – November 17, 2017

The U.S. Treasury yield curve has flattened significantly over the course of 2017, and this week the spread between short-term and long-term rates reached a 10-year low. It was also reported that U.S. household debt reached a record $13 trillion in Q3,...


Severe Weather Analysis: U.S. Hurricane Season, Harvey and Irma Designated Disaster Areas

 In the following report, we look at the U.S. Unsecured Consumer Lending industry data for the designated disaster areas for hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Harvey affected areas in metropolitan Houston, southern Texas, and Louisiana, while Irma affected southern Georgia and...


Don’t Forget about Loan Recoveries – Part 2

In my previous article, I introduced the topic of loan recoveries and discussed the importance of including recovery rates when analyzing pools of loans. It is particularly important for asset managers looking to buy or sell pools of loans who...

Orchard Q&A

Orchard Q&A Series: Alexa? When is the robot apocalypse?

During a Q&A session at a recent Orchard Meetup themed ‘Dispelling Common Data Myths,’ an attendee expressed concern about the future of employment and the prospect of increasing unemployment at the hands of computers/robots. Before you laugh, consider that she’s...

Online Lending Weekly_snapshot

Weekly Online Lending Snapshot – November 10, 2017

Back in July, the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced that the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) will be phased out by the end of 2021. Countries and market participants are busy selecting a replacement and making plans for an...


Curve Analysis of Lending Club 2015 and 2016 Vintages

In our monthly and quarterly reports, we frequently comment on the observed underperformance of LendingClub’s 2015 and 2016 vintages when compared to earlier vintages—particularly the 2013 and 2014 vintages which have offered both higher returns and lower charge-off rates over...

Online Lending Weekly_snapshot

Weekly Online Lending Snapshot – November 3, 2017

Already ‘old news’ as of this writing, the Bank of England voted to raise its Bank Rate by 25 bps to a target of 0.5%. The move was widely expected despite regional concerns over consumer and corporate debt levels. In...