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Orchard’s New Originator Database

Last week we announced the launch of the Orchard Originator Database, which was also covered in American Banker and Crowdfund Insider. The database is a first-of-its-kind source for comprehensive information on a large and growing number of leading loan originators across a wide range of global asset classes. Orchard’s new database allows institutional investors to filter and search by asset class, term, track record, and more. This makes it easier for investors to find and fund opportunities that are the best match for their specific goals.

Given the rapid expansion of origination platforms in marketplace lending, it can be a challenge for investors to identify and evaluate the opportunities that are best suited to their investment approach.  This is true for all investor types, from those first learning about the space to the largest buyers. At the same time, both established and emerging origination platforms often struggle to connect with investors that are best suited for their product, size, and borrower profile.

At Orchard, we are focused on facilitating connections between institutional investors and loan originators.  Our goal as a company, and with the launch of the Orchard Originator Database, is to encourage the continued progression of marketplace lending into a major asset class.

With that goal in mind, we’ve developed a secure environment for investors to explore information on origination platforms and initiate contact if they are interested in learning more.

How does it work, and who should participate?

Loan Originators: Provide information about your company and product via an online form.  Your data is protected by industry-standard SSL encryption and covered under NDAs that are signed by investors as a prerequisite for accessing the information.

Originators of various sizes and diverse product types are currently participating.  The only prerequisite for participation is that you are, or will be, open to conversations with institutional investors interested in purchasing whole loans.  If so, we welcome you to join.

Investors: After signing up, you will receive access to the database where you can view information provided by the origination platforms.  You are able to filter by asset class and other relevant variables to quickly identify the opportunities that are most suited to your investment goals.

Participation is available for qualified institutional investors who sign up with Orchard, which provides them the opportunity to explore information on origination platforms and initiate contact.  If you are interested in learning about the universe of investment opportunities in marketplace lending, then you should sign up and explore.

Please contact us to join or provide feedback.