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Orchard’s collaboration provides our clients with access to Experian’s depersonalized credit data

Today, Experian® issued a statement about our recent agreement to make their depersonalized consumer credit data available to clients on Orchard’s platform. Delivering greater transparency, high-quality data and analytical tools to the market is central to the mission of both our companies. This collaboration is meant to provide our clients with access to data to enhance the ongoing monitoring of borrower creditworthiness for loans in existing portfolios and also to provide access to anonymized historical data sets for enhanced credit modeling, analytics, and reporting.


Access to Experian’s depersonalized credit data adds immediate value to our clients, whether they are looking to buy, sell or hold loans. Typically, a borrower’s creditworthiness is captured for loans at a particular point in time—when the lender is making a decision. Experian makes it possible to monitor the anonymous credit data of borrowers, in an ongoing and privacy-friendly way. We are excited to partner with Experian, an industry leader, to provide our clients with the data they need to make better-informed decisions when using Orchard’s analytics and transactional platform.

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Read the full announcement here.