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NEW: Weekly Online Lending Snapshot – October 6, 2017

Online Lending Weekly_snapshot

Welcome to our new weekly snapshot! Since launching it last year, we’ve been collecting feedback and making plans for the next version. Thank you for all of your comments and, as always, feel free to reach out with any suggestions.
Weekly snapshot thumb

Also want to give a huge thanks to Anthony Gallucci for all his work pulling the data and code together, Raphael Del Rio, our Creative Director, for design, and everyone else who helped us roll this out.

To highlight a few of the changes, we’ve added new charts including, ABS Issuance by Asset Class—powered by our friends at Finsight—and a 12-month Rolling Return chart that compares the Orchard U.S. Consumer Online Lending Index to other income-oriented investments. We’ve also added a new page to begin tracking U.S. macroeconomic indicators more closely. This includes a chart of the ‘Big Four’, Industrial Production, Employment, Income, and Retail Sales, as well as the Yield Curve, and TED Spread. Lastly, we’ve included a number of new key indicators and refined the way that data is presented.

In the news, we previously reported that student lender, Earnest, was looking for a buyer. This week it was announced that student loan servicer, Navient, is set to acquire them for $155 million. The Financial Times reported that U.K.-based insurer Legal & General will lead a £40 million investment in SalaryFinance, a lender whose loans are repaid directly from people’s salaries. It was also reported that a consortium of fintech companies and banks have created a pilot program to develop a distributed ledger-based platform for the syndicated lending market, called Fusion LenderComm. Lastly, the Alternative Credit Council (ACC), released their Financing the Economy in 2017 report, covering the private credit market more broadly.

Visit the Orchard blog to download the latest research, Auto Loan Securitizations – Mid-year Update.

Note that this report is updated as of Thursday’s market close to ensure we can get it to you before the weekend. Please contact us with any feedback or suggestions you may have for future snapshots.


Full weekly snapshot reports can be downloaded on our research page. 

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