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LendIt China Part 1 | LendIt China 第一部分

Today marks the conclusion of the inaugural Lang Di Fintech Experience, LendIt’s largest event to date, which focused on the future of FinTech in China and globally. Our Head of West Coast & APAC Sales, Jeremy Todd, attended the event on behalf of Orchard after making his way through Shenzen, Hangzhou and Hong-Kong for the pre-conference Executive Tour and Summit. We’re pleased to share his initial thoughts along with some valuable materials as the main event wraps up in Shanghai.

Jeremy, who has extensive relationships throughout China, was eager to participate in LendIt’s Executive Tour and Summit where he presented Orchard to industry leaders and met with existing and future partners. Some of his key takeaways from these events include:

  • There continues to be strong interest from Chinese Wealth Management firms to invest in US Online Lending loans
  • Investor interest is focused on making strategic equity investments in all types of global FinTech firms within Online Lending
  • Chinese Marketplace Lenders continue to increase their focus on offering more diversified products to clients including wealth management, insurance, and other financial services
  • Implementing a robust operational infrastructure is widely understood as a necessity required to successfully invest in the US Online Lending industry

In preparation for the Lang Di Fintech Experience, LendIt Co-Founder, Jason Jones shared his insights on what he (and many experts) consider to be the largest market in FinTech — China. Jones cited significant industry developments that echo Jeremy’s observations — including increased interest in US Online Lenders from Chinese investors and notable US-Chinese partnerships such as those between DriveWealth and CreditEase, Robinhood and Baidu, and Saxo Bank and Lufax — that further emphasize the importance of this series of events.

Having already established strategic partnerships with many of the leading Wealth Management firms to help them successfully invest in the US Online Lending industry, Orchard was thrilled to join global industry participants for the opportunity to gain further exposure in China and Asia. In preparation, we produced a few of Orchard’s well-recognized materials in Chinese that we feel are particularly valuable considering the widely shared goal of enhancing market presence and gaining further understanding of the vast Chinese Internet Finance industry.

We look forward to sharing a full event recap in the coming days.

**CreditEase translates The Orchard Monthly Consumer Industry Report into Chinese for the benefit of their clients as part of their overall partnership with Orchard. For more analysis, including access to standardized data sets across multiple originators and asset classes, subscribe to Orchard Market Data. Contact to learn more.