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Lending: A Geographical Analysis

In this post, we will be exploring some geographical trends in the online lending environment.  In particular, we will be looking into origination characteristics on a state-by-state basis, as well as relationships between some of these metrics across states.  The information...

Orchard Materials CN

LendIt China Part 1 | LendIt China 第一部分

Today marks the conclusion of the inaugural Lang Di Fintech Experience, LendIt’s largest event to date, which focused on the future of FinTech in China and globally. Our Head of West Coast & APAC Sales, Jeremy Todd, attended the event...


Online Lending: High-Yield Investing for a Low-Yield World

The recent vote on the part of the U.K. populace to separate from the European Union sparked a massive wave of interest and speculation around the world.  Much could be said regarding the political trends behind the outcome, the wisdom...


Introducing the Quarterly Industry Report – Q1 2016

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Orchard Quarterly Industry Report.  This report seeks to provide industry participants with a data-rich glimpse into trends within consumer unsecured marketplace lending. Orchard receives regular data feeds from originator data partners, who...


Orchard Lendscape 5.0

The Orchard Lendscape has once again been updated to reflect the evolution of Marketplace Lending over the past six months. Aiming to offer industry participants a complete view of relationships between notable companies and segments within the market, the Lendscape...


Orchard Platform Announces Bill Ullman as Chief Commercial Officer

Industry veteran will lead global revenue generation and strategic management Today we announced that Bill Ullman joined Orchard as Chief Commercial Officer. In his new position, Ullman will be responsible for global revenue generation and strategic management of the sales,...


Industry Profile – Jonathan Palan

Co-Founder & President, AutoFi “We’re not looking to disrupt the industry,” says Jonathan Palan, co-founder and president of AutoFi. Rather, his company is reimagining the trillion dollar auto industry through the application of an online point of sale financing solution...

Consumer Unsecured/Small Business Comparisons

2016 for Orchard is the year of the originators. We are committed to integrating as many platforms as we can and have introduced new asset classes to our investors. In our Originator Database, we catalog 180 different originators across 11...


The Enduring Truths of Marketplace Lending

When 2016 began, we had a sense that this year would be different, that the monotonically upward trend buoying the growth of marketplace lending would likely become choppier and more uncertain. We knew surprises were in store, but the events...

Seasonality in Loan Performance

Seasonality in loan performance is a well-established characteristic of mortgages and credit cards. Seasonality refers to any type of trend that is periodic in nature. For example, borrowers may be more likely to prepay or miss payments in certain months...